Initial Response

  • What is the scope of the incident and the response?
  • How will it affect service delivery?
  • Where are the impacted communities?
  • What population is impacted?
  • What is the anticipated medical surge?
  • Determine communication means
  • Evaluate healthcare organization, staff and supplies
  • Healthcare facility status
  • Consider healthcare facility incident command status
  • Determine health department status
  • Identify who need to know
  • Identify resources to be deployed
  • Consider healthcare facility decompression initiatives
When: Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019, 1:00PM - 2:00PM



The Regional Pediatric Response Planning Work Group was formed in order to collaboratively develop Pediatric MCI Response processes.  The end state is to develop an example Pediatric Response Plan Annex to the regional service areas/Healthcare Coalitions  is in the state of Iowa.  Timeline includes developing Coalition Draft Plans NLT April 1st, and completing and testing the plans no later than June 30, 2020.  Through integrative and collaborative planning we hope to accomplish the development of a feasible plan inclusive of best practices, accurate data, and subject matter input.




This is a no fault environment.  Each work session will focus on individual components of pediatric response planning.  Work group participants are asked to provide input through work sheets, Web Ex/Conference Call discussions, and a Pediatric Planning Seminar.  We understand that everyone participating in this work group may have many hats and full schedules.  Due to this, we ask that you participate to the extent your position allows.  Reimbursement through the Healthcare Preparedness Programs (HPP) may be provided for some participants as it aligns to individual coalition fiscal processes and work plans.  Input through data and discussions are highly encouraged.  Those unable to attend are asked at a minimum, to provide input on the Work Group Work Sheets and email these to  Contributers from the work group roster will be acknowledged in the final plan example provided.


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