Initial Response

  • What is the scope of the incident and the response?
  • How will it affect service delivery?
  • Where are the impacted communities?
  • What population is impacted?
  • What is the anticipated medical surge?
  • Determine communication means
  • Evaluate healthcare organization, staff and supplies
  • Healthcare facility status
  • Consider healthcare facility incident command status
  • Determine health department status
  • Identify who need to know
  • Identify resources to be deployed
  • Consider healthcare facility decompression initiatives
When: Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020 - Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020, (All day)

Polk County EOC
1907 Carpenter Avenue - Des Moines

The use of social media before, during and after disaster situations has grown exponentially in recent years. As people become inundated with social media messaging, it becomes more and more important to establish a strong relationship with your audiences through regular engagement.

*Please note that each course has a separate registration link.

Day 1: Engagement Strategies (2/4/2020)

This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to implement strategies to better engage individuals and partner organizations. The course will enable participants to create a social media strategy and better adapt to changing needs and strategies throughout the phases of emergency management.

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Day 2: Tools and Techniques (2/5/2020)

This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to use intermediate social media tools and techniques for situational awareness during an emergency. Participants will learn and use tools such as mapping applications, data analysis, and data mining for research and management.

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