Initial Response

  • What is the scope of the incident and the response?
  • How will it affect service delivery?
  • Where are the impacted communities?
  • What population is impacted?
  • What is the anticipated medical surge?
  • Determine communication means
  • Evaluate healthcare organization, staff and supplies
  • Healthcare facility status
  • Consider healthcare facility incident command status
  • Determine health department status
  • Identify who need to know
  • Identify resources to be deployed
  • Consider healthcare facility decompression initiatives
When: Tuesday, Mar 28, 2023, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Misinformation is a growing threat to public health. But with rapidly evolving guidance and information-sharing at the speed of a click, it can be difficult to effectively combat. During this webinar—inspired by the popularity and utility of the PHCC Misinformation Alerts tool, powered by The Public Good Projects—we will discuss the differences between misinformation and disinformation, when to respond to misinformation, and approaches for responding across multiple channels. Public health communicators will leave with actionable insights to take back to their departments and communities.